Online Book Piracy Awareness

Advocacy for Online Book Piracy Awareness:

According to the Association of American Publishers, the publishing industry as a whole had lost over $80 to $100 million dollars to online piracy annually. From 2009 to 2013, the number of e-book Internet piracy alerts that the Authors Guild of America had received from their membership had increased by over 300%. During 2014, that number doubled.

By the end of 2015, there were nearly 2.2 billion visits to illegal book sites. According to a report by IB Times, in the UK, a fast-growing sector for illegal e-books is Google’s own ‘Play’ app store, with e-book piracy becoming proliferated through this medium. In 2016-2022 the numbers were even higher.

Rhonda Rees is an advocate by leading a crusade to help authors, publishers and the public become more aware about this silent crime that doesn’t leave any fingerprints. She has created the first-ever “Check Your Books” media awareness campaign for the month of April to coincide with World Book and Copyright Day (23rd), and World IP Day (26th). 

Rhonda was honored with the Publicist of the Year award from both the Book Publicists of Southern California, and the Bulldog Reporter publication for her efforts. See link for more: Creative, Persistent Campaign to Gain Attention for Widespread Online Book-Piracy Crisis

She has regularly appeared on radio and TV, and in print, and has given webinars and seminars on this important topic. Rhonda is also a contributor to IPWatchdog, and other publications such as with her many byline articles. 

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