Aseity Press Publishing Company is a full-service book PR/marketing firm. It was formed over a decade ago with the launch of the highly acclaimed, award-winning work, Profit and Prosper with Public Relations®: Insider Secrets to Make You a Success, by author Rhonda Rees.

It now features other works such as The Xerses Chronicles Sci-Fi trilogy by Julian Hadlow, and the up-coming gripping true-life story Escaping the Shackles: A True Survivor’s Tale, also by the same author. 

In addition to providing book publishing, Aseity Press offers public relations and book marketing services which includes press release creation, and tailor-made customized media lists and distribution. Personalized follow-up with editors, producers, booking coordinators and media relations services are also provided.

Aseity Press can further provide social media, IT and website services, web-based media distribution, and book marketing consultations.